About IPG

Our Story

Every action or inaction in our lives has significant impact on our tax positions and obligations. IPG Taxes identified a significant lack of knowledge in the tax-paying population and decided to do something about it.

IPG Taxes started this simple model of wealth creation — increasing incomes while minimizing outflows.¬† Tax is a huge portion of the outflows. Managing tax outflows through tax avoidance strategies is the core principle of the model.

We continue to teach our clients about investment ideas, as well as strategies that minimize tax obligations.

Today we offer professional tax preparation services for home and business, and additional business services including business formation/incorporation, and professional payroll and bookkeeping services.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide the best services to everyone with a view to increasing their knowledge about their individual financial position and goals, and/or business financial performance.

Meet the Team

Clem Yeboah, CPA

Clem has extensive experience helping non-profit organizations. He has been in internal Executive positions as VP of Finance and Administration; an external Auditor auditing numerous organizations; and a Management Consultant.

Barima Yeboah, Tax Preparer

Amma Yeboah, Tax Preparer/Admin Manager

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